NMD Running Shoes - AmazzingBaba
NMD Running Shoes - AmazzingBaba
NMD Running Shoes - AmazzingBaba
NMD Running Shoes - AmazzingBaba

NMD Running Shoes

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As a real sneakerhead and having authentic NMDs I can clearly tell whats authentic and what’s a replica. First red flag: the box it came with. Nothing close to the adidas original blue/black box retailers sell you. Second: the shoe itself and the materials used. I compared them to my other two authentic NMDs I got from Footlocker. Third: the tabs on the side are longer than the authentic ones. The logo on the tongue does not match the tone color with the authentic ones. The three striped on the side are off and so is the shoe lace cage material which is soft and cheap than the more sturdy ones on the authentic NMDs. Fourth: The shoe had bad imperfections after another. Glue streaks around the tabs and were the nose of the shoe meets the bottom sole. Poor constructed shoe.nNMD Fifth: the boost itself does not resemble the real authentic boost from my collection of NMDs and ultraboost. The “boost” on these replicas are pure white and when you glid your finger across it theres no friction at all. Compared to my authentic NMDs, the boost is an off white color and has a sorta grib to them when you glid your finger across it. The authentic NMDs have this shine to the boost under the sole to were these replicas do not. The weight due to the materials used on the replicas feel way lighter and cheap than the authentic NMDs.